As someone who's physically incapable of going more than a few hours without quoting a movie, a song, or a song from a movie (see previous post titles if you don't believe me), I am obligated to share this cultural zenith with the rest of the world. Or, at least the three of you who check this space with any regularity.

Honey, pack the man-cub in the family truckster, we're going to Austin!


Ed said...

Most excellent, it's like Mystery Science Theater for the common folk. I think that I would do the Indiana Jones scene and play Zapito as Jame Gumb from Silence of the Lambs. "It throws us the idol only before we throw it the whip...BITCH, just throw the us the idol!"

Danny said...

You're going to need a bigger boat.

Mr. Middlebrow said...

You're definitely on the right track; no point just playing it straight.

Following your lead, I'd do Col. Jessep from A Few Good Men as played by Nathan Lane, in full mince mode, from The Birdcage. "OOOHH, you can't handle the truth!"

I like where your head is at.

It's one of those lines that also serves as a guiding beacon in life.

Danny said...

Also a guiding beacon:
"Stop playing with yourself. Slow ahead, please."

You know, Roger, we've got a projector in our office. I'm smelling some future Videoke Friday afternoons.

BTW, is that Kevin Smith doing the Empire Strikes Back scene?

Mr. Middlebrow said...

And I've got The Right Stuff, The Empire Strikes Back and Glengarry Glen Ross on my desk. This could be trouble.

I know he's a huge fan of the original SW trilogy, but I can't say if it was Kevin Smith or not. But it would have to be, because he's the only guy with glasses and a beard who'd be into that movie, I bet. ;^)