I weep for the future.

Glancing at my site meter referrals, I came across this link. Being from neither a known associate or the ubiquitous Google search for the song from Jaws, my curiosity was duly piqued.

Turns out, it’s a message board used by the faculty to mete out class assignments at Paramus Catholic High School.

While I’m glad to be getting traffic for something other than sea chanteys and tips on pork brining, I’m not sure I’m ready for the responsibility that comes with being an quasi-legit academic resource—for Catholics. Either the teacher is too pressed for time to vet every site, or he’s big into the whole free will thing. ‘Cause, seriously, did he even look around?

I feel like I should do a quick review of Dogma. Or link to the “Every Sperm is Sacred” song from Monty Python and Meaning of Life.

So far, none of the kids has followed the teacher’s link (to be fair, he posted it on May 2, and they have a lot of Shakespeare and Milton and Lewis Carroll to get through). But here’s the odd thing: the traffic that came so far was from the EPA office in Research Triangle Park, here in Cack’lacky. Also, careful readers and conspiracy theorists will no doubt recall that Paramus is the location of our holiday adventure to IKEA. Curiouser and curiouser, indeed.

I find it more than a little quizzical that of all the places to find a W.B. Yeats poem on the interwebs, Mr. Kirschmann chose my humble watering hole. My guess is that, while loaded with distractions, A Drinking Song is otherwise free of anything a kid could crib in the way of poetic analysis. Still, I love the idea that some latter-day Mary-Catherine Gallagher is going to conflate Yeats with Messrs. Quint, Brody and Hooper. Probably a long shot, I know. But then, isn’t that I what real faith is all about?


Ed said...

I hate it when they steal your mojo. Don't feel bad. Someone took my mullet photo, added a different face and labeled it "Osama bin Mullet" I felt violated to say the least. http://www.ratemymullet.com/show.php?id=72

Dr.Strangelove said...

A while back when the northern lights were supposed to be visible, I posted something titled "Where were the large areolas last night?".

I got 100's of hits off search engines looking for porn.

I would have payed to see the look on the idiots faces.