At least my odds on Jeopardy! should improve.

Well, now I've really gone and done it.

Actually, it's been in the works for quite a while; now the whole story can be told: I'm chucking the ad game and embarking on what I like to call my second act. (Suck on it, Fitzgerald!) I'm going to be a lawyer.

I had been working on a clever post, wherein I liken myself to someone whose lover (advertising) just isn't that into me. Obviously, it never quite gelled (kinda like my ad career--oh!). Suffice it to say that I just didn't see things going anywhere as a copywriter. We had some laughs, some good times. But I knew if I stuck with there were really two options. Either I'd never advance professionally, which would suck. Or, if I were to advance, that would bring with it its own special set of suckitude, seeing the machinations my supervisors went through, of which I wanted no part. A Nagainan dilemma, if you will.

For some of you, this is not news. Goldie, Tammara, Ed, and Stennie--thanks for your support, encouragement, and confidence. For the rest of the regulars, I'm curious about, and would love to hear, your reaction.

What this means for my blogging life, I can't say. Along the rest of my pop-culture consumption and zeitgeist surfing, I'm either going curtail it severely or learn to get better about popping off a quick post whenever I have the chance. I hope it's the latter; we'll have to see.

Like all my 240-odd 1L classmates, I could cite many inspirations for pursuing a legal career--a landmark civil-liberties case, a compelling bit of courtroom drama immortalized on stage and screen, or a bit of political theatre. But as I stand at this precipice, the wisdom that resonates most strongly comes from Mercury Astronaut Alan Shepard's launchpad prayer: "Dear Lord, please don't let me fuck up."


Bet said...

You go, Mr Middlebrow! You go and do what you like!

(But keep listening to us. We love you. Don't let your hucklebug prize keep you away.)

Jamie Turnipseed said...

So, I just killed a man. Can you get me off?

fish said...

Wow, no subtle life changes for you. Boston Tea Party all the way. Awesome.

Looks like you are already getting law groupies, although I could just be misinterpreting jamie's request to "get me off".

Bon chance on the paradigm shift.

Dr.Strangelove said...

So you are going from one form of spinning lies into truth in the minds of the masses, to only having to do it for twelve people.

It seems like a fare trade. But I, & others will miss your wit if you give up your blog. You know you will miss it too.

Irene Done said...

If you give up your blog, I will cry. Copious tears.

Mr. Middlebrow said...

Thanks, everybody, for the kind and encouraging words. Except for Jamie--what do you think this is, a men's-room stall in the Minneapolis airport?!

If it's any consolation, the radical reduction in my pop-culture consumption might--might!--make it easier for me to blog. And law school is giving me plenty to blog about.