A Snag is as Good as a Goose to a Blind Moose

I was snagged with a (mercifully short and simple) meme. It goes a little something like this:

Look up page 123 in the nearest book.

Look for the fifth sentence.

Then post the three sentences that follow that fifth sentence on page 123.

At home there is, shall we say, a paucity of books with 123 pages and at least eight sentences per page. Fortunately, I always keep a copy of by “Antlers in the Trees,” the epic limerick by Hugh Goost Thamoos handy for just such an occasion:

“[The] Court appears to reason that the placement of local activity in a comprehensive scheme confirms that it is essential to that scheme.

If the Court is right, then Lopez stands for nothing more than a drafting guide: Congress should have described the relevant crime as “transfer or possession of a firearm anywhere in the nation” [or attached] the regulation of intrastate activity to a pre-existing comprehensive (or even not-so-comprehensive) scheme.

[If] the Court always defers to Congress as it does today, little may be left to the notion of enumerated powers.”

I am, as always, emotionally obliterated. You?

And now, because sauce for the moose is slaw for the gander, I nominate/incriminate the following gaggle:

Goldie, Tammara, Stennie, Ed, and Duke


Snag said...

Congress should have described the relevant crime as anything that pisses me off. This, in a nutshell, is the problem with democracy.

Kathleen said...

trying to make sense out of Lopez? definitely a work of fiction.